La Martingale

La Martingale

E-Learning app for french med school students


La Martingale is the companion App to a set of books written to help med school students Pass the French EDN - ECNi exam. The objective of this work was to design and build an application to hold the content of the books. This application should make it easy to access the content of the books anywhere. 

After the first edition was released, la Martingale became an editor and helped other students publish content specialized on various fields of medical studies. As the collection grew, a website was needed to showcase new releases, updates to the application and the web platform (another way to access the content).


The application is meant to be a quick way to access medical courses on the go, for example while interning in hospitals. The content here is split by chapter to make it easier to find in a rush.

A quick look at the website showcasing the books and all the ways to access their contents. You'll also find links to both the application and the web platform on there.


Feel free to check out the application on the Android and iOS app stores: 

Gualtiero Mottola